Fab Academy at AS220 - Machine / Mechanical Design unit for 2012. We are currently working on an Ultimaker clone.



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From Ultimaker - Extruder Parts / Thermocouple Sensor Board / Stepper Drivers
Qty. Part Supplier Price
Order Status
quanity 4 - X,Y,Z plus extruder) Ultimaker Stepper Drivers

€11.50 x 4 = €46.00


 €46.00  ORDERED
1 Bowden Tubing Ultimaker - https://shop.ultimaker.com/en/bowden-tube.html  €15.00  TED PROVIDED
Extruder - Hot-end bundle v1  ultimaker - https://shop.ultimaker.com/en/hot-end-kit-v1.html    
Heat Spreader  
1 Auminum heat spreader block ultimaker €10.80 ORDERED
PEEK thermal insulator  
PEEK thermal insulator
ultimaker €12.60 ORDERED
1 Brass tube €6.30 ultimaker €6.30 ORDERED
  Nozzle 0.4mm ultimaker €9.00 ORDERED
1 Cartridge heater 40W @ 18V
ultimaker €29.25 ORDERED
1 Thermocouple sensor board v1.0
ultimaker €22.50 ORDERED
1 Thermocouple with metal cover and strain relief ultimaker €23.40 ORDERED

 Extruder Total: €151.45 $199.8231 USD
    Total for Extruder + Drivers: $199.82 USD  
Other Electronics Parts (not purchased from Ultimaker)
Quanity Part


Price Status
 1  Ultimaker PCB
113.00 for 7
Anna's Revised / Consolidated Ultimaker PCB Partlist

Board Version 1.5.4

Value Device Package Rs-components number Manufacturer Manufacturer Part Number supplier ordered from Supplier part number Substitute part number Total Anna's Notes

HEADER S4B-XH-A(LF)(SN) 539-5195 JST S4B-XH-A(LF)(SN) Digikey 455-2243-ND
5 total Screw terminal substitution desired. Pitch 0.098" (2.50mm) 4 position
8-15 PINHD-1X8 1X08 681-2991 Harwin M20-9990846 Mouser 855-M20-9990846
6 total
10uF CPOL-EUE2-5 E2-5 520-0968 Nichicon UVR1H100MDD Digikey 493-1103-ND
3 total
100uF CPOL-EUE3.5-10 E3,5-10 520-0996 Nichicon UVR1H101MPD Digikey 493-1107-ND
6 total
100nF C-EU050-045X075 C050-045X075 537-3959 AVX SR215E104MAR Digikey 478-3193-ND
1 total
1N4004 1N4004 DO41-10 652-7292 Taiwan Semiconductor 1N4004 R0 Mouser 512-1N4004
3 total

PINHD-1X2 1X02 n.a. Harwin M20-9990246 Mouser 855-M20-9990246
1 total

MSTBV2 MSTBV2 193-0564 phoenix contact 1715721 Digikey 277-1263-ND
3 total
7812TV 7812TV TO220V 704-4010 Fairchild Semiconductor LM7812CT Mouser 512-LM7812CT
1 total

PINHD-2X8 2X08 n.a. Harwin M20-9981846 Mouser 855-M20-9981846
6 total
green LED3MM LED3MM 228-5944 Kingbright L-934GD Mouser 604-WP710A10GD
2 total
red LED3MM LED3MM 228-5916 Kingbright L-934ID Mouser 604-WP132XID
3 total

HEADER 409580 679-5448 Molex 409580 Digikey WM4300-ND 277-1273-ND 1 total Screw terminal substitution desired. 0.100" (2.54mm) 2 position

HEADER S2B-XH-A(LF)(SN) 546-9050 JST S2B-XH-A(LF)(SN) Digikey 455-2257-ND
7 total Screw terminal substitution desired. Pitch 0.098" (2.50mm) 2 position
STP55NF06L IRF512 TO220BV 485-7721 STMicroelectronics STP55NF06L Digikey 497-6742-5-ND
3 total
BD679 BD679 TO126AV 109-084 Magnatec BD679 Mouser 511-BD679
1 total
4K7 R-EU_0204/7 0204/7 707-7726 rs-components
Digikey S4.7KQCT-ND
9 total
100k R-EU_0204/7 0204/7 707-7824 rs-components
Digikey S100KQCT-ND
9 total
1k R-EU_0207/2V 0207/2V 707-7666 rs-components
Digikey S1KQCT-ND
6 total

MA03-2 MA03-2 n.a. Harwin M20-9980346 Mouser 855-M20-9980346
5 total

MA05-2 MA05-2 n.a. Harwin M20-9980546 Mouser 855-M20-9980546
2 total

HEADER 413232 679-5451 Molex KK 413232 Digikey WM4301-ND 277-1274-ND 3 total Screw terminal substitution desired. Pitch 0.100" (2.54mm) 3 Position
A4983 2x PINHD-1X8 FEMALE 2X 1X08 FEMALE n.a. Harwin M20-7820846 Mouser 855-M20-7820842
5 total Anna found substitute harwin M20-7820842



ROCKERSWITCH PCBMOUNT 710-9321 Tyco A101J1AQ204 Mouser 611-E101J1ABE2
1 total Josh found substitute – E101J1ABE2
DC21MMX DC21MMX DC-21MM 487-836 rs-components
Digikey CP-102B-ND
1 total Anna found substitute – not sure the pin orientation is correct.

674-2397 ASSMANN WSW AKSCT/Z BLACK Already Have

1 total
Bruce's Mechanical BOM Part List:
Qty. Part Supplier Price
Order Status
10x 8 mm ID Pulley 20 tooth MXL https://sdp-si.com/eStore/PartDetail.asp?
$26.90 ORDERED
2x 5 mm ID pulley 20 tooth MXL https://sdp-si.com/eStore/PartDetail.asp?
$11.62 ORDERED
4x 300MXL Timing Belts https://sdp-si.com/eStore/PartDetail.asp?
$18.48 ORDERED
2x 100MXL Timing Belts https://sdp-si.com/eStore/PartDetail.asp?
10x 8 mm ID Pulley 20 tooth MXL QPMMXLA25020F04
$59.80 not ordered - Bruce has?
2x 5 mm ID pulley 20 tooth MXL QPMMXLA25020F04    http://www.econobelt.com/Q460/RFQ/
$11.96 Bruce has 1 pully - need to get rest of them
4x long timing belt 300MXL (295MXL?)  
$8.84 not ordered
2x short timing belts 100MXL (97MXL?)   http://www.econobelt.com/Q460/RFQ/
$4.24 not ordered
2x Large linear bearings
(12mm internal diameter) lm12luu
Need supplier / part number
Bruce Has already (look in Cab downstairs in lab)
10x 688 ball bearings (8mm ID, double sealed) Need supplier / part number have Bruce has already (look in cab downstairs in lab)
6X Metric 932 Bronze Flanged Sleeve Bearing McMaster Carr; PN: 5448T2 $18.06
2x 8mm linear bearings these are lm8luu and are longer bearings I found these on ebay Need supplier / part number have Bruce has already (look downstairs in lab)
45 M3 x 10 screw  PN#92095A177 mcmaster carr $8.38 ORDERED
75 + 10 = 85
M3 x 16 screw PN#92095A184 mcmaster carr $9.62 ORDERED 
25 M3 x 20 PN#92095A185 mcmaster carr $6.02 ORDERED 
5 M3 x 25 PN#92095A186 mcmaster carr $6.13 ORDERED
45 M3 x 30 PN#92095A187 mcmaster carr $6.55 ORDERED 
180 + 10 = 190
M3 hex nuts PN#90592A009 mcmaster carr  $2.00 ORDERED
11 tight locking nuts M3 PN#94205A220 mcmaster carr $4.75 ORDERED
1 spacer pack v1
Need supplier / part number
not ordered
8 washers PN#93475A210 mcmaster carr $1.56 ORDERED
3 X

36 inch long 8mm smooth rods? Oil hardened 0-1 8mm drill rod

$13.62 Bruce has already (look downstairs in cab in lab)
2 x 36 inch long 12mm smooth rod? http://www.huronindustrial.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?

Bruce has already (look downstairs in cab in lab)


1x 3'L 3/8"-10 Acme Threaded Rod 93410A608 McMaster-Carr
$17.07 ORDERED

M12x3 acme threaded rod for z axis 7549k2

mcmaster carr
$45.00 cued up
2x 3/8-10 Acme Nuts  94815A018 McMaster-Carr
1x acme nut 12mmx3 7549k33 grind flat on 2 sides to 18mm wide http://www.mcmaster.com/#metric-acme-nuts/=ez8424 $29.00 cued up
1x 5mm to 8mm shaft coupling sdp-si part# S51CAYM050080 https://sdp-si.com/eStore/ $16.68 ORDERED

nema 17 stepper motors

x, y, z + stepper extruder


$6.89 each + $5.00 shipping = 11.89 each x 4 =$47.56

or Jamaco

$47.56 ORDERED
1 Expandable Mesh Sleeving TBD - not really needed.

Total: $192.31


Case / Enclosure

Electronics Options

We have two possible routes to choose from.  If we need to fabricate the PCB ourselves, then we must use the Gen7 Electronics.  If we can have a board made at a board shop, we can use the Ultimaker v.1.5.4 PCB.

Option 1: Ultimaker PCB

There are plans available for the Ultimaker PCB - we could have this made and sent to us. We could source the parts and then stuff, program and assemble the shield ourselves.  Note: We are going with this option.

Option 2: Gen 7 Electronics

If we need to fab everything ourselves - we can use the Gen 7 Electronics option.

Mechanical BOM


Notes from Anna + Bruce email chain on the stepper extruder:  The small one in the lab has room for 2 extruders also and it takes the same steppers as the x,y,z:   all Nema 17

Motors (X,Y, Z and stepper extruder)

All Other Mechanical Parts