Tutorials - Fab Academy at AS220 Labs - Providence, RI

Final Project Proposal

1. Review These Websites

Familiarize Yourself with the Global Fab Academy site:

Review student work from MAS.863
MAS.683 is the "How to Make (Almost) Anything" Course at MIT, on which the Fab Academy is based. You can review MIT student work from the previous years of HTMAA here: http://fab.cba.mit.edu/

2. Final Project Proposal - Due 01/30

1. Think about what you want to do for your final project.

2. Post a text description and sketches of your ideas on your website by 01/30.

  • Sketches can be hand drawn or done using CAD, your choice.
  • Pictures of your inspirations are also acceptable to include.

Your final project should be something that you can design and exceute in under three weeks.

Your final project should encompass at least 3 of the modules we will go over during the semseter and must include digitally fabricated components, electronics, and programming.

Your final project idea may shift over the course of this class. It is acceptable to change your final project later on in the course.